Sunday, April 14, 2013


I do play games very often, mostly on Steam. I own a fun game called Minecraft, which can be bought for about $30 here. It's basically a sandbox game in which you control what happens. You can fight zombies, make logic gates, and some people have even made simple calculators in it. You will find that I have a separate blog in which I post more about gaming, which is here. It is pretty empty as of now, but I am coming up with more posts soon. You can find me on Steam, and if you'd like, send me a friend invite. I'm on pretty much all day, and you'll often find me playing Feed The Beast, a modpack for Minecraft.


  1. i was wandering around the internet and your name caught my eye my friends name is also jeffrey lin and plays the exact same things that you play he also lives in new york what a coincidence